Links to other web sites on fractals and mathematical art

Java applets and websites that illuminate the mathematical structure of the M-set and quadratic Julia sets.

Mandelbrot Set Iterator (Bob Devaney at BU's Dyn. Sys. Group)
Julia Set Computer (Bob Devaney at BU's Dyn. Sys. Group)
Mandelbrot/Julia Set Applet (Bob Devaney at BU's Dyn. Sys. Group)
The Mandelbrot Movie Maker (Bob Devaney at BU's Dyn. Sys. Group)
Mandelbrot Set Explorer (Bob Devaney at BU's Dyn. Sys. Group)
The Chaos Hypertextbook section 2.3 Mandelbrot Sets (Glenn Elert)
Java Julia Set Generator (Mark McClure)
Fractal Map (M-set explorer, Claes Månsson)
The Spanky Fractal Database (Noel Giffin)
Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer (David E. Joyce)
Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot set (Keith Lynn)
Linus Vepstas' Art Gallery
z squared plus c (Luke Plant)
Spikey Mandelbrots (Laurens Lapre')
Fractint Fractal Gallery
Deep Zooms in the Mandelbrot set. (Jochen Weber)
Fred's Fractal Page

A list of websites with pictures and information on the histograms of chaotic attractors.

Sprott's Fractal Gallery
3D Attractors [of endomorphisms] and Similar Objects
Java Applets for Chaos and Fractals (BU's Dyn. Sys. Group)
Symmetric Chaos (Field and Golubitsky)
Ron Record's Histograms
Frax Frame Fractals by Linda Bucklin
The Infinite Fractal Loop - Graphical Site Index
The Infinite Fractal Loop - Text Only Site Index

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